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Thank you for visiting us at K2016
19th - 26th October 2016


Sept. 2016
Newest Generation of Disposable X-Grid Mixers in plastic !

3 times shorter by much higher mixing performance than all Helix or quadratic mixers!
Available in 3 standard length
Material PP, POM, PTFE-Base


Invitation to Fakuma, Germany, Friedrichshafen 13th - 17th October 2015
Halle: A1 / Stand: A1-1504


October 2015

New Address


New address per October 1. 2015:
Samstagernstrasse 57
8832 Wollerau


September 2015

Stamixco Gas-Foam-Extruder-Meltblender
Gas mixing Station in combination with Stamixco modular meltblender Systems.




Gas mixing Station in compbination with Stamixco Meltblender System. The modular mixing and dispersion system allows an installation after conventional extruder machines. A retrovit foaming system.

Aug 2015
Newest Generation 2015 of GXF
  New GXF Disposable Mixers
Soon, Stamixco will present the newest gerneration of GXF, X-Grid Plastic Disposable mixers. Shorter, Less Pressure drop, Higher quality, ... in PP, POM, PVDF  

ACHEMA – World Forum and 31. Leading Show for the Process Industries15 - 19 June 2015 - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Innovations' platform and technology summit
  • Trend-setting meeting point
  • Take-off for investment decisions
  • International network of experts and executives
    Stamixco at: Exhibition Hall 11.0; Stand E02

March 2015

Visit us at NPE 2015 in Orlando
Booth: W7053


February 2015

GXV Mixers for Gasmixing Processes DN1200


February 2015

Gasmixer Flowte-BX DN7400 x 2000 for SCR DeNOx Flue Gas Cleaning Process.




January 2015

GXM X Grid Mixers for Chemical Application DN250
Removable GXM mixer rods.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015


December 25. 2014
Our key-team wishes you and your families Merry Christmas and best wishes in the coming New Year 2015.


October 2014

New SMB-R-225 Meltblender
New fluid dynamic optimized Stamixco Meltblender SMB-R:


Thank you for visiting us at
Fakuma 2014


Invitation to Fakuma, Germany, Friedrichshafen 14th - 18th October 2014
Halle: A1 / Stand: A1-1504



August 2014

Helical Plastic Mixers in PP
Diameters Da=34.7mm, L=110mm


Stamixco Helical 34.7mm diameter. New tooling in PP, strong low cost solution !



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!


Thank you for visiting us at K-Show 2013 !



Invitation to K-2013, October 16. - 23. Hall 09 Stand 9A11




August 2013

New 10 mm GXM-10-4 Mixing Rods in Titanium
New manufacturing process for Stamixco small diameter GXM mixing rods. They are manufactured in rods of 4 mixing elements without casting or welding.

- Stamixco high mixing efficiency GXM Mixing geometry with 8 bars over diameter.
(not 4 or 6 bars as other mixers on the market.)
- The structure and geometry is extremely exact in tolerance +/- 0.05 mm.
- Dimension: Da 9.9, length 40.0 mm.
- Material: Titanium. Double yield strength of stainless steel!



July 2013

Various Static X-Grid Mixing Elements
Stamixco various mixing elements. Available in all dimensions, geometries and materials. Ask for your specific needs.



June 2013

Quality improving of SMN Mixers for Injection Molding Nozzles
Stamixco is the only worldwide supplier of most efficient mixing geometry for injection molding (Bayer licence). Shortest mixing geometry in strong casted standard elements.




March 2013

New special strong Stamixco Meltblender Typ SMB-GXS for film extrusion processes.
Special geometry and installation orientation in combination with Stamixco X-grid mixing structure improve significant film quality.



February 2013

New: Perfect polished Static Helical Sanitary Mixers in stainless steel.
Stamixco manufctures polished Helical Mixers in all dimensions custom made. The fine polished surface fits for all pharmaceutical or food applications.

For Polymer applications / Extruders Stamixco Helix Mixers are machined in one piece for strongest design.


January 2013

New: Special coated Stamixco Mixing Nozzles for glass-fibers
Stamixco new coated mixing elements for long life time. Extremely good results were achieved. The life has been increased extremely. Years of use of polymers with glass-fibers! Ask for information...



December 2012




November 2012

New: Static Helical Mixer in flexible dimensions DN 18 mm - DN 34,7 mm
Stamixco supplies Static Helical Mixers in all required diameters. Fits for all pipes.
Material: PP
Disposable static mixer for 2-components (2K) metermix-dispense, for pH-adjustment with acid or caustic (neutralisation) in watertreatment or for general mixing  duties with fluids not corroding PP




Thank you for visiting us at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen
Stamixco had a well and intensive time during Fakuma Show for Plastic Processing in Friedrichshafen from October 16.- 20.2012.
We could present our newest Static Mixers designs and had interesting conversations about market, specific operation procedures and technical solutions. Our engineers enjoyed the direct exchange of experience for:
- Stamixco Mixing Nozzles for Injection Moulding machines.
- Stamixco Melt Blender Mixers for the different types of Extrusion machines.
- Stamixco various Mixing geometries for Disposable Mixers or other applications.

We are glad to support you over the year and see you again at:
K-2013 Düsseldorf Germany 16.- 23. October, 2013.
K 2013 Düsseldorf GermanyHall: 09, Stand-No: 9A11
Stamixco will be exhibitor on No. 1 International Trade Fairs for Plastics and Rubber Worldwide:

Stamixco Team 2012  

April 2012

New Address
Stamixco Ltd
Kronaustrasse 10, CH-8404 Winterthur, Switzerland
Tel: +41.52.338.17.11 | Fax: +41.52.338.17.33

New Owner, read more »

Orlando 2012  

NPE Orlando, 02.-05.04.2012
The international plastics showcase.

Wendelmischer   Static Helical Mixer
DN 35mm O.D. = 34,7mm x 110mm long, made of PP
Wendelmischer   Helical static mixer with fins O.D. = 24mm
Mixer Pipe (O.D. = 30mm, Wall = 3mm, Length = 450mm)
Mixer and Pipe made of PP
GXM DN8   GXM DN 8 mm Static Mixing Elements
Dia. and length 7.9 mm each, made of stainless steel 1.4542 (= 17-4 PH or A630) are now available from Stamixco’s stock. These static mixing elements are often installed into spinning plates of man-made fibre plants. Also a frequent application is in paint finishing systems for in-line mixing reactive paint components in the paint feed-hose just upstream the spray nozzle.