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Various Static Mixers

GXM DN 8 mm Static Mixing Elements


Figure #26
dia. and length 7.9 mm each, made of stainless steel 1.4542 (= 17-4 PH or A630) are now available from Stamixco’s stock. These static mixing elements are often installed into spinning plates of man-made fibre plants. Also a frequent application is in paint finishing systems for in-line mixing reactive paint components in the paint feed-hose just upstream the spray nozzle.



Helical static mixer with fins O.D. = 24mm


Figure #27
Mixer Pipe (O.D. = 30mm, Wall = 3mm, Lenght = 450mm)
Mixer and Pipe made of PP


Static Helical Mixer


Figure #28
DN 35mm O.D. = 34,7mm x 110mm long, made of PP


Static Mixer GXM DN100 mm with 14 ME


Figure #29
Static mixer GXM für admixing of a low viscous additive to a viscous liquid/melt.


Static Mixer IMV DN 1400 mm for Ozone Treatment of Drinking Water













Figure #30
Pre-ozonation Static Mixer D1400mm forTreatment of 1500-8000 m3/h Water


Installation of static IMV mixing elements in a pipe DN 1400 mm for dispersing of a 10% w/w ozone/oxygen-gas stream into fine bubbles. This results in a large interfacial gas/liquid contact area and thus a high ozone absorption rate of the ozone in the water stream to be treated is achieved. The ozone/oxygen-gas stream is added through the side-nozzle DN 200 mm. Mixer is made of stainless steel AISI 316L (= 1.4404), pickled and passivated. This static mixer IMV DN 1400 mm is installed in a water treatment plant in France, for pre-ozonation of 1500-8000 m3/h water with 1g/m3 ozone.

DN 1400

Figure #31
Outlet-side of the Ozonation Mixer IMV DN